In the following Terms and Conditions:
‘LX MUSIC’ relates to LX MUSIC which is a trading name of EALXM Lda., a company registered at Rua Casimiro Freire nº1 1900-143 Lisboa
‘Event’ relates to any event promoted by LX Musc.
‘Venue’ relates to any venue LX Music holds an Event in.
‘Customer’ relates to anyone who purchases a ticket to any Event promoted by LX MUSIC.
The below Terms & Conditions apply to all Events promoted by LX MUSIC.
By purchasing a ticket to an Event you agree to these Terms & Conditions.


  • There is a strict ZERO tolerance drugs policy.
  • Entry searching is a condition of entry.
  • Presentation of valid ID is a condition of entry.
  • LX MUSIC reserves the right to refuse admission and confiscate any item which may not be suitable for the event as well as a danger to others or the venue (see PROHIBITED ITEMS list below).
  • Before entering, a detailed search of clothing, bags and other items will be carried out.
  • Anyone found in possession of illegal substances or contraband goods will be refused admission, ejected from the venue and may be liable for prosecution.
  • LX MUSIC reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason, including, but not limited to: Customer being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and/or acting aggressively and/or suspiciously.   
  • LX MUSIC reserves the right to eject a Customer from an event for any reason, including, but not limited to a customer being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or acting aggressively and/or suspiciously.
  • Customers who damage any part of a Venue will be held responsible for that damage and LX MUSIC may take legal actions against the Customer if needed.
  • LX MUSIC operates a strict ‘NO RE-ENTRY’ policy.
  • All events promoted by LX MUSIC are strictly 16+ .Some venues may be 18+, all events require all attendees to provide valid ID. Check the individual information for each event. When you are required to present a proof of ID on entrance the following are accepted:
  1. Valid, in-date passport;
  2. Driving license;
  3. Home Office approved or proof of age ID card that displays the pass hologram;
  4. National ID card that displays the pass hologram;
  • Please check last entry times for each show individually as this varies from venue to venue.


LX MUSIC reserves the right to prohibit any item or goods within our venue, including, but not limited to:

  • Items which are or may be illegal
  • Weapons, or anything which could be weaponized
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Horns and loudhailers
  • Whistles
  • Fireworks, flares
  • Flagpoles, sticks
  • Large umbrellas
  • Spray paint, graffiti pens
  • Legal highs
  • “Laughing gas” canisters and dispensers
  • Medication (please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you have any medical reasons for bringing your medication in)
  • Food, alcohol and soft drinks, glass and cans
  • Folding chairs, stools and tables
  • Shooting sticks
  • Selfie sticks
  • Large luggage
  • Animals
  • Recording equipment
  • Laser pens
  • Any sports equipment
  • Any other articles which may be a danger to public, or may cause nuisance


  • By purchasing a ticket, you are buying a ticket to the event as a whole, not a specific act or room. Event management reserves the right to limit access to some rooms based on the safety and capacity of individual areas.
  • Tickets to LX MUSIC Events should only be purchased from one of LX MUSIC official ticketing outlets, a list of which can be found below, as well as from one of our official Ambassadors (list on Ambassadors) LX MUSIC holds no responsibility for fake or duplicated tickets and holders of such will not be allowed to enter the event.
  • Not all tickets will be sold through all the outlets listed below, and may vary from event to event.
  • LX MUSIC strongly discourages the purchase of tickets anywhere other than through the resale services available at See Tickets, Xceed, Resident Advisor, Fever, Festicket or Eventbrite. Tickets purchased by under 16s and those who are not old enough to enter the venue, will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless the Event is canceled, rescheduled or there has been a material change to the Event. A “material” change is a change that, in the reasonable opinion of LX MUSIC, makes the Event materially different from the Event that the Customer could reasonably expect. Changes to show duration or alignment should not be considered a relevant change. Cancellation by an artist will not be entitled to a refund.
  • Refunds can only be claimed within 30 days of the Event date.
  • Photographs are taken during our events and EALXM Lda. uses photographs for promotional and brand awareness purposes. A clear signage in venues informs attendees that photos and filming is allowed at our events. If you happen to see a photo of yourself on our social media or other channels that you wish to be removed please get in touch (contact details provided at the bottom) and we will action this.
  • Some tickets may have time restrictions. If you fail to adhere to these you may be denied entry to the event or charge a fee.
  • Buy only through our official ambassadors or from those advised by them, EALXM Lda. takes no responsibility by frauds or any other issue when the ticket wasn’t bought by an official ambassador, sales partner or other channel identified by LX MUSIC.


  • Xceed
  • See Tickets
  • Resident Advisor
  • Festicket
  • Fever
  • Eventbrite
  • These official ticketing outlets can be updated any time, being updated on our Terms & Conditions.


LX MUSIC reserves the right to make any changes to the Event date, times, location, billing and services provided.

Any changes to the Event can be communicated via a mailer sent to ticket buyers and LX MUSIC’s official social media outlets including Facebook (https:// and the event-specific Facebook page, Twitter (@LxMusic) and Instagram (lxmusicevents).

It is Customer’s responsibility to check the updates on all the above-mentioned outlets regularly ahead of the Event.


By purchasing a ticket to an Event the Customer gives consent for their e-mail address to be added to LX MUSIC database.


These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without notification. It is Customer’s responsibility to check this webpage regularly for any potential changes made.


EALXM Lda is not responsible for all the property inside clothes pieces and for any theft or loss of any item left to our charge,

In case of loss of your key pass you have to wait until the cloakroom closes;

All lost property collected during or post event will be stored in EALXM Lda office for a determined time and delivered to those who prove their belonging as stated on “Lost Property”; 


To enquire about lost property please fill out this form ensuring you provide as much information as possible – (link do form)

Please note there is always a large influx of enquiries following our shows – particularly our larger ones. We are monitoring all of the submissions and will endeavour to have your enquiry addressed as soon as possible.

If we have your item, we will contact you to try to arrange for you to collect it. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks of the event please assume that unfortunately, we do not have your item.

LX MUSIC keeps lost property for 4 weeks after each show. We check this form daily during working days following the show. If your item is found, then we will email you asap.

All cards and mobile phones are disposed of, clothes etc are donated to charity, and passports will be returned to official authorities. 

EALXM Lda (t/a LX MUSIC) accepts no responsibility for private property including accepting any liability should lost property be returned for any reason to someone who is not its owner e.g. if someone makes a false representation to the management or staff of ownership of property. 

EALXM Lda only accepts responsibility for items lost, found and brought to the Information Point during an event or item/s found post-event onsite by one of its staff or security.

Event staff are advised to return found items to the Information Point during the event or Production Office, if found post event. All lost property collected during or post event is usually returned to EALXM Lda office within a week from an event. 

Contact details for lost property are provided on every event website as well as above. All emails are responded to as soon as possible, however, considering the number of emails regarding lost property received after every event, EALXM Lda may not be able to respond instantly. 

Property that is lost and found during events will be kept for a period of 4 weeks, after which it will be disposed of.

In order for a property to be reclaimed, a detailed description of the item/s and/or proof of ID (identity) is necessary.

Whilst every effort will be made to identify the possible owner of lost property (which is likely to involve searching of the item/s and then make contact with them, EALXM Lda will not return the property to that person unless they provide the details set out in the previous paragraph.

EALXM Lda will not mail/courier or insure during transit any reclaimed property back to the presumed owner unless they send the appropriate fees to cover packing and postage, and any insurance during transit stipulated by the claimant. All items are sent at owner’s risk.


If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, contact us at [email protected]


Os detalhes de passatempos fazem parte destes termos e condições

  • O (s) participante (s) deve ter 16 anos ou mais.
  • Prova de identidade e idade pode ser necessária.
  • O uso de um nome ou endereço falso resultará em desqualificação.
  • Todas as inscrições devem ser feitas diretamente pela pessoa que participa no passatempo.
  • Nenhuma responsabilidade pode ser aceita por entradas perdidas, atrasadas ou corrompidas.
  • Os prémios são os indicados, não são transferíveis para outra pessoa e não serão oferecidos dinheiro ou outras alternativas.
  • Os promotores reservam o direito de alterar os termos dos passatempos e rejeitar inscrições de participantes que não entrem no espírito do passatempo.
  • No caso de um prémio não estar disponível, o promotor reserva o direito de oferecer um prémio alternativo de valor igual ou superior.
  • O (s) vencedor (es) concorda (s) com o uso de seu nome, fotografia e cooperará com quaisquer outros pedidos razoáveis ​​da LX MUSIC relacionados a qualquer publicidade ou promoção pós-vencedor.
  • Salvo indicação em contrário, o (s) vencedor (es) será sorteado aleatoriamente de todas as participações corretas até a data de encerramento.
  • Serão feitos esforços ​​para entrar em contato com o (s) vencedor (es). Se o (s) vencedor (es) não puderem ser contatados ou não puderem cumprir com estes termos e condições, o Promotor reserva o direito de oferecer o prémio ao próximo participante elegível sorteado aleatoriamente ou no caso de o passatempo ser julgado, como Promotora reserva-se o direito de oferecer o prémio ao (s) participante (es) selecionado (s) pelos mesmos jurados.
  • A falha em responder e / ou fornecer um endereço para entrega, ou o não cumprimento dos requisitos de elegibilidade pode resultar na perda do prémio.
  • Quando aplicável, a decisão dos juízes é final com base nos critérios estabelecidos na promoção e nenhuma correspondência será feita sobre essa decisão. Os passatempos podem ser modificados ou retirados a qualquer momento.
  • Todos os passatempos que ocorrem em parceiros e promotores estão sujeitas às mesmas regras descritas aqui.
  • O Promotor é LX MUSIC, com sede registada na Rua Casimiro Freire nº 1, 1900-143 Lisboa
  • No caso de uma discrepância entre estes termos e condições padrão e os detalhes no material promocional (ou quaisquer outros termos e condições fornecidos / referidos no momento da entrada) prevalecerão.